A software program for automated zone design



Automated zone design is a complex operation and many outcomes are possible, depending on the structure of the input data (both its spatial configuration and the precise file format) and program parameters chosen. We are often fascinated to discover uses which we had not originally anticipated!  Below we list some of the questions we have received, together with our answers:

How should I cite my use of AZTool?

Authors using AZTool in their work should include the following acknowledgement:

  • "The authors gratefully acknowledge the use of the AZTool software, which is copyright David Martin, Samantha Cockings and University of Southampton."

They may also wish to include a reference to the most relevant of our key publications, listed on the Supporting Materials page. A guide to the development of AZTool can be found here, and may help with selecting appropriate refrences. In general:

  • Development of AZM/AZTool: Martin et al (2003), Cockings and Martin (2005)
  • Application to 2001 Census: (design of Output Areas, Super Output Areas) Martin et al (2001)
  • Application to 2011 Census: (maintenance of Output Areas, Super Output Areas) Cockings et al (2011); (design of Workplace Zones) Martin et al (2013)

What help is available for users of AZTool?

AZTool is provided without warranty: it is free to download and use at your own risk, for any purpose. No formal support is provided for AZTool, but we are always interested to receive feedback from users – you can get in touch with us via the Contact page. 

Can I use AZTool on commercial projects?

Yes. AZTool is available for commercial use, provided that appropriate acknowledgements and citations are made (see above).